The Best (And Worst) Music in TV Advertisements

Author: Dean Palya

According to Amy Swanson, TV advertisements can either hit the mark or fall far short. In her list of the 11 Best and Worst Music in TV Advertisements, she goes through a list and thoughtfully comments each commercial. She hits the nail on the head most of the time, finding the best (and unfortunately the worst) music in TV advertisements – something we can all learn from.

In one of her comments, she notes that, “When I first learned about the Jeep wave a few years ago, it blew my mind that something like that existed! Unwritten rules like that always fascinate me, so when I saw this commercial for Volkswagen’s Beetle I instantly wanted to go and give a high five to a VW Beetle owner. Shirley’s Ellis’ song, aptly named, ‘The Clapping Song,’ is catchy and perfect for this ad. You’d swear it was written specifically for this ad and not recorded back in 1965.

This is an extremely interesting statement – because it truly does seem like this song was written and recorded just for the advertisement. Check out the commercial below:

Advertisements are so much more powerful when the music seems as if it were written for the commercial. It can add a great hook to an entire marketing campaign if used carefully. And now that custom music is so easy to get and affordable through MusikPitch, there’s no reason not to have an amazing ad campaign for your business.

-Dean Palya Jr

  • Amy Swanson

    Hey Dean!

    Thanks so much for sharing my blog post, it was a fun one to research and write :) I couldn’t agree more with your statement, “It [music] can add a great hook to an entire marketing campaign if used carefully.” That’s so true! The wrong music choice can make people turn the channel or mute the TV when your ad comes on, but the right choice will have people turn it up and share it with their friends.

    Thanks again and happy holidays!!

  • http://Dean Dean Palya

    Thanks very much for commenting! Loved your article too – some great insight! -Dean